America Needs a Biden Landslide

by Al Timke
August 23, 2020

Democrats must have,
“… a show of force so lopsided that
it would be able to overcome undelivered mail, closed polling sites, whatever schemes Trump might hatch and, on the far side of that, his insistence that any vote count that doesn’t put him on top is rigged and illegitimate. … What a chillingly cynical perspective. And what an entirely accurate one.”

Anyone who does not vote this November, or who does not vote for Biden, reduces the margin of victory and delivers more fuel for Trump’s post-election rage about fraud, and his refusal to transfer power peacefully. It’s not a difficult concept. One less vote for Biden makes the gap between Biden and Trump one vote smaller, maybe down to the 3 million vote Democratic lead that put Trump in the White House the last time. No matter how much anyone dislikes Biden or Harris, you can’t dispute the arithmetic! I am certainly not happy with the way the Democratic primary turned out, but that has no effect whatsoever on that simple mathematical truth.

This isn’t an argument about who is to blame for the primary disappointment; it’s about preventing another Trump term and the dismemberment of anything resembling a democratic form of government. To paraphrase a recent statement by Noam Chomsky, at least we will have a functional government with Biden.

In a related interview, Chomsky says, “The DNC probably hates the [left-influenced Democratic Platform], but they have no choice, because their popular base is not only demanding it, but is working constantly, hard, to force them to do it. That’s politics. Not the personality of leaders. I don’t know what’s in [Biden’s] mind. I don’t care, frankly.” (

So there are our marching orders; keep “working constantly” and demand that elected officials live up to the promises in the Democratic platform and more. We can’t afford to waste time airing past grievances, or reviling the character of Democratic leaders, and complaining about decisions that have already been made by voters or party elites. What is our next goal? What is our strategy for getting there? We can’t look back, except to learn, and the work can never stop!

1 thought on “America Needs a Biden Landslide

  1. I agree with your article. Like you, I am disappointed about the primaries, if you are talking about the candidate selected and probable role DNC played, in what appeared to be a concerted move to blindside Bernie. Yes, another four years of Trump doesn’t bear even thinking about! We have to play the hand that we have been dealt with.


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