The Platform of a GOP Cult

by Al Timke
August 24, 2020

The Republican Party has announced that if will have no formal platform for the 2020 election. They will just support Donald Trump. (See

The GOP could not produce a platform because that would require a coherent and fundamental set of values and principles from which they could generate a rational, coherent set of policies, i.e., a platform. That would clearly not be possible if the platform is to reflect Trump’s principles and consequent policies, because he has no principles in the commonly accepted sense of the term and his policies are but wisps in the wind subject to immediate backtracking per the same whimsical impulse that often creates them.

His values boil down to greed and racism in service of his personal financial gain and power, and his narcissistic need for adulation. In each moment he is guided by knee-jerk emotional responses shaped by his “values,” but completely unburdened by any coherence.

The absence of any real values and the aversion to coherence makes it impossible for the Republican Party to formulate a platform with at least the appearance of rationality. So for this all-important election cycle, it will be, “Yeah, what he said!,” the platform of a cult.

1 thought on “The Platform of a GOP Cult

  1. You hit the nail on the head!(to use a corny expression)


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