Progressives Must Seize This Opportunity

by Al Timke
August 7, 2020

“… our crises have exposed deeper systemic problems and injustices in our political economy, ones that predated the virus
and are baked into our market rules,
ones that we created and that we can change.”

Progressives have to hold Biden’s feet to the fire by whatever means necessary and hold him to his rhetoric about FDR-like systemic change*. Even that level of change is not sufficient in the end. It is, however, achievable, but it can’t stop there. The deep systemic roots of our national crises won’t answer to his predisposition for gradualism or our procrastination!

“But our commitment to justice is undeterred by what seems possible in the politics of the here and now, or in the politics of our immediate past. Change will occur when we seize what is ours: our economy, our money, and our government. A true, inclusive New Deal for the 21st century can help us reclaim power for the people today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.” **

Progressives must not be distracted by third-partyisms, pointing out Biden’s flaws, and an ever-receding day when real change will happen. We cannot perpetually whine about being victims of the DNC. The time to start an aggressive project is now! Wall Street pundits man their crumbling ramparts, but even Trumpian fascism cannot save them! It can only make change more traumatic for the country!

We’re facing problems that are human constructs, not the results of immutable laws of nature. Our problems are subject to change by human political action! Biden is also a human construct created in our minds and the mind of the country. He is subject to the same forces of change. We must choose to be one of those forces. Progressives have to take the responsibility to be that change in a time of national crises, not tomorrow, or tomorrow, or tomorrow, ad infinitum!

See also:
* “A True New Deal: Building an Inclusive Economy in the COVID-19 Era”

by Roosevelt Institute – (
**Download the full version for a discussion of enacting “government-provided healthcare” and more that isn’t mentioned in the summary. ( – 43 pp

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