The Valeant Meltdown and Wall Street’s Major Drug Problem

(Scroll down for the Vanity Fair story.)

[Social_Justice – If you still harbor any faith in the way the “magic of the marketplace” somehow serves the common good in the end, this account of our existing pharmaceutical dystopia should dispel those delusions. Although the primary villain in the drama eventually meets his “downfall,” waste not a moment on sympathy, or, on the other hand, righteous vindication. The fall left him with only a slightly bruised ego thanks to the usual multimillion dollar golden parachute, and apparently no criminal or civil penalties. Also consider that this whole drama has been but a sideshow as unfettered greed continues to be the dominant motive for the very wealthy, and for Wall Street. The common good is an irrelevant abstraction.

Given the length of the Vanity Fair story, we will just provide a link, tather than the full text. (

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