Oppose the Public Charge Rule!

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Oppose the Public Charge Rule

Oppose the Public Charge Rule!

Imagine having to choose between feeding your hungry child or being separated from your family. This is the choice the administration is asking some parents to make.

It’s called the Public Charge Rule, and essentially the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is proposing to change the rules to further restrict access to critical programs, forcing legal immigrant families to choose between staying together and accessing programs for basic needs, like housing, health care and critical nutrition programs like SNAP.

You read that right, legal immigrants. How can we ask any parent to make such an impossible choice?

We’ve got a short window to submit comments to the federal register to oppose this rule, and we need everyone to weigh in before the deadline. Submit your comments today!

Let me be clear about something. This isn’t about immigration reform. This isn’t about politics. This is about kids. We would never ask our friends or family in need to choose between feeding their kids and keeping their family together; why should our government treat legal immigrant families any different?

If this rule is enacted, more children will be put at risk of hunger, of homelessness, of falling behind.

The ripple effect of this proposed rule goes beyond hungry children. Families will delay necessary medical services, resulting in more preventable chronic health conditions.

Schools will be impacted by sick children who show up to class with empty stomachs, unable to concentrate and learn.

This is not who we are. This proposed rule is cruel and unnecessary. And now’s the chance for us to stop it. Submit your comments opposing the proposed public charge rule today!

Oppose the Public Charge Rule!

Lisa Davis

Oppose the Public Charge Rule!

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