There is no heroism in covering for an unfit president

By Steve Benen

“To hear the unnamed senior official tell it, we should be thankful to the “heroes” who keep the safety net in place. After all, it’s hard work containing an unfit president. We should, the argument goes, recognize their innate patriotism.

But is there nobility in covering for a leader who’s unfit for his office? Is it really patriotic to enable a president who’s incapable of doing the job?

Is there honor in having unelected officials, accountable to no one but each other, circumventing and undermining a president whose bizarre impulses would be dangerous if implemented?

There is a process in place, under the American rule of law, to remove an unfit president from office. That process, at least for now, is being ignored by people who are instead trying to accommodate this president’s many deficiencies in secret.

A variety of words come to mind to describe this dynamic, but heroism isn’t one of them.”

Full article:

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