America is Change

By Al Timke

There is nothing that is unchanging. All natural things and all human creations are always in the process of change, of becoming. So too is it with this thing we call America, as we are all doubtless aware. And no two Americans share the same perspective on the nature and desirability of this metamorphosis.

Which brings us to today, when hundreds of newspapers all across the country felt compelled to editorialize on Donald Trump’s ongoing blanket condemnation of reporters, news outlets, and, in effect the entire concept of a free press, enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. All who are involved in informing the American people of what’s going on in the world are “enemies of the people.” (Except, of course, Fox “News.”) And those responding to his rants are not limited to the usual cast of major-market papers like the Boston Globe, the New York Times, or the Chicago Sun-Times. It also included the State Journal-Register, the Peoria Journal Star, the Pekin Times, and the Bloomington Pantagraph.

Since the Electoral College made Trump President, he apparently is under the impression that no one has the right to differ with him on anything. Just yesterday, the White House announced that security clearances for former CIA chief Brennan, and a host of others would be revoked merely because they have publicly criticized Trump.

There are many days when I worry greatly what our country may be becoming. But then I think that most Americans remember very well that 242 years ago last month, a group of angry British colonists decided that they were no longer willing to live by the dictates of a king. We have not had one since, and on my good days, I believe America will continue to change, but we won’t have a king again. So, if you can’t handle criticism, Donald, you should have read the job description before you ran for President.

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