“Trump’s” Carrier Jobs Going to Mexico

Think Progress
Melanie Schmitz

“….. Months ahead of the 2016 election, Carrier announced it would be shuttering its Indianapolis factory and moving its 1,400 jobs to Mexico, citing “ongoing cost and pricing pressures” driven by “new regulatory requirements.” The unexpected announcement reportedly sent shockwaves through the community, with Carrier employees fearful about their futures.

At the time, then-GOP candidate Trump condemned the move, claiming he would impose harsh tariffs on any foreign-made Carrier products, if elected.

By November of that year, shortly after winning the presidential election, Trump appeared to have changed his tune, tweeting that he was in talks with Carrier’s leadership to keep the plant running. At the end of the month, Carrier announced it would keep the Indianapolis factory open, saying it had reached a deal with Trump and Vice President Pence to preserve those jobs, in exchange for a $7 million state incentives package.

….. Carrier’s parent company, also announced in December that the company would be directing the incentives funding toward automation, rather than using it to invest in its employees.

In the end, as ThinkProgress previously reported, 632 jobs at the Indianapolis plant were moved to Mexico, as originally planned. An additional 700 jobs at a plant operated by UTC, Carrier’s parent company, were also moved to Mexico this summer.”

Full story: https://thinkprogress.org/carrier-manufacturing-factory-morale-low-trump-jobs-c539ce84bc0c/

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